Saturday, March 11, 2006

Your credit card company cares about you. They will watch for fraudulent charges on your card. They tell you to shred any credit applications you receive. Want to see what happens when someone tapes the shreds back together? Click here. He tore up a credit application. Pieced it together with tape. Changed the address, and used his cell phone to activate the card. Did the credit card company investigate? Hell, no! They gave him the card because they might make money!

In related news, debit card companies aren't to eager to explain how their security has been breached.

Your bank only wants you to give them every penny you earn.

Friday, March 10, 2006

Attention, eBay Sellers!

I have a guaranteed way for your items to sell for 20-30% more than before! Forget adding bold! Forget about a border! There's one simple secret: Get me interested in buying!

I am kicking the idea of getting a used laptop around. Don't need much, you know, just a word processor, WiFi, and something I can plug my camera or MP3 Player into when I'm travelling. So i come across this company selling refurbished laptops. I watch their sales for a while, and their laptops hover at $150 up until the lawst few minutes then sell for about $250. So I add three of them to my watch list. They were ending in four days. Twenty-four hours later the bids were up to $350-$400! I wonder where I could apply to get a commission?

Actually, this is corollary of the first shopping law I developed a few years back:

1. If I need or want something badly, everyone in town has just sold out and won't get any more for months.
Corollary: If they have it, 100 other people want it and it is three times as expensive as I am willing to pay.
2. If I go to another town and purchase the item, on my return trip the item will be in stock, and on sale, at every store in town.

So if any of you eBayers want guaranteed increases in sales, drop me a line.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Evangelicals confuse the heck out of me. While I was checking stats for one of my sites, I was directed to Devoted to Smallville where I came across this quote: "I thought it was odd that Jonathan objected much more to Clark waking up with Lana than Martha did. This might explain it. Maybe it was his preference! Is John Scneider [sic] a Christian? I had heard at some point that he was and blanked it out. This is a nice reminder. :)"

That caused this post: "I'm just a bit confused on how JS's off screne [sic] life and Jonathan's portrayal on Smallville collide. . ."

Which brought this post: "Most evangelical Christians . . . have a very clear stance on the abstinence issue. If he's actually dedicated to his faith, he would naturally object to playing a character that would condone premartial [sic. Or maybe he does mean sex before fighting.] sex. It makes me think that the writers yeilded [sic] to him in this and allowed Jonathan to be such an advocate against it because of John's personal beliefs, which I think is very cool. It goes to show that the actors put a lot into their characters if they're willing to stand for something." [Or it could be the writer wrote it. Just a thought.]

But what really stumped me was this post: "Hey I definitely's just so hard for Christians to draw a line between "acting" and portraying a character while bringing glory to God. It shouldn't be, but it is... I've come to learn that you really can't and never should judge a person's heart by their work...everybody makes mistakes, whether they think they are or not."

So let me see if I have this right: If you are a Christian, especially evangelical, then you must play roles that reflect your beliefs? If you are a Christian, you should not play a villain? If you are a Christian, you should not portray a character who does not believe in God--like Han Solo, 'cause he's not human and therefore doesn't know the "Good News?" A Christian shouldn't portray a murderer, like Hannibal Lector? A Christian shouldn't portray Julius Ceaser? Genghis Khan? Christians can only portray Christians? Or accept roles that promote Christian values? The can never, under any circumstances, act?

So all you Christian actors out there, whatever you do, don't act. Don't use the talent God gave you, because if take the wrong role, you aren't bringing glory to God. So sayeth the fans of Smallville.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

While driving past the polling place yesterday, I noticed people holding signs for Nathan Macias, Republican challenger is Texas district 73. They were on both sides of the street, holding signs that read "vote life!"

While I am pro-life (because we have given up the right to do with our bodies as we please and our right to privacy) I'm not going to make it the only requirement for a candidate I vote for. And while I don't care too much for the incumbent, Carter Casteel, the fanaticism displayed by Macias' supporters is repellent.

So, I kept my political virtue intact, and drove by the polling place. I waved. I think I used all my fingers. But like a 16 year old right wing Christian girl coming home early from the prom, I had saved myself for my future governor!

C'mon everyone! If you didn't vote yesterday sign the petition to get Kinky on the ballot. We only have 65 days!

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

All right, fellow, Texans! Today is the day. Don't vote in the primary today! On the 8th, sign the ballot to get Kinky on the ballot in November. We have 65 days to collect 45,540 signatures. And it needs to be done fast, because the Secretary of State is a Perry appointee with a vested interest in keeping things in Texas the same.

Remember, he's not Kinky, he's my Governor.

I am nerdier than 71% of all people. Are you nerdier? Click here to find out!

Monday, March 06, 2006

I have been flirting with various affiliate marketing plans and haven't found much that will beat Google's AdSense. Chitika eMiniMalls has come close. I've made about $5 in the last few months on one website. I have added Chitika to this page. It has the benefit of being compatible with AdSense.

BidVertiser? Sucks. Don't bother. For a 6 month period, I have made $.21 with Bidvertiser. I'm dropped them from my other blog, and replaced it with AdSense.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

If you hadn't noticed, BlogMad has gone Beta. I like it because you get one credit for every blog you visit. You ought to give it a try. It's invite only right now, so click here to join.