Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Fortress AmeriKKKa - Day 835

The LPGA, facing an deluge of yellowskins in their number, is looking at ways to get rid of them. As more South Koreans join the tour, threatening the livelihood of God's Favorite People, the LPGA is requiring that all members be fluent in English. Sure, they say they want the players to give interviews and acceptance speeches to the media in English, without the aid of an interpreter, but we all know the real reason: to eliminate the foreigners from competition.

Look, if I were the manager of a hot, Asian female golfer, I would encourage her to study English so that she could cash in on her skills by courting advertisers. She would earn more money, I would earn more money. See? The Free Market at work! Any professional athlete who wants to play in the US should speak English, if for no other reason that to fit in, but they shouldn't be required to speak English. Does the Japanese baseball league require their token Americans to speak Japanese? No, they don't, and the Japanese are more insular than we are becoming.

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