Friday, April 11, 2008

Fortress AmeriKKKa - Day 697

The war on people with different colored skins continues. "Illegal immigrants armed with torches, hacksaws, ladders and even bungee cords are making it around a section of the border fence hailed as the most efficient way to stop them," says a story in the Houston Chronicle. Those despicable Brown Skins are even bringing plasma torches to bear on the fence, which brings up the question: Where are the Minutemen? Can't they see the glow from a plasma torch in the night?

Last year, I said the only thing the border fence will create will be a demand for larger ladders. Turns out, I was right! "Officials monitoring cameras in the area have seen at least one group using a massive ladder to scale the south side of the fence. The group tried to drop into the U.S. with bungee cords before agents caught them," the story goes on. What? The people watching the cameras can't see the glow of a plasma torch at night?

I feel safer. Don't you?

Earlier this week, thirteen year-old Melanie Bowers claimed she had been beaten by Brown Skins when she was doing a history project to make a protest sign for or against an issue. Melanie choose illegal immigration. The InterWebs went into an uproar. The calm, level-head folks over at Digg demanded the guilty students be deported. Then it was revealed that Bowers lied. You could have heard a pin drop on Digg.

And last week, Uber-Hottie Michelle Malkin got her knickers in a knot over an ad for Absolut Vodka. She claimed the ad was supporting reconquista, a disgraced Mexican movement that wants to reclaim lands taken by America. Michelle encouraged her readers to call Absolut and tell them what rotten people they are. Because that always works.

I thought it was a funny ad, so I have appended it below. If I drank vodka, I'd switch to Absolut.


Wednesday, April 09, 2008

I have a degree in Foreign Language Education, and have spent some time studying language acquisition. As a result, news stories about how we learn and process language are always interesting to me.

A recent study suggests that a person who is dyslexic in English probably wouldn't be dyslexic in a pictographic language, like Chinese. And Chinese dyslexics probably aren't dyslexic in English.