Wednesday, January 02, 2013

The Fiscal Cliff

Let's see if I understand this: back during the last budget negotiations, the two parties created a budget commission to help avoid a government default. And since the Republicans, who had committed to not agreeing to anything the Democrats proposed to ensure that Obama was a one term president, decided to create a Fiscal Cliff. Naturally, that cliff was set to come up after the election, when presumably, that damn ni***r was out of office, and the Republicans could come riding to the rescue.

Well, Obama won, and the Republicans could only threaten to invoke the Fiscal Cliff.

Fortunately they blinked.  For a couple of months.  We're going to go through this again in March.

Here's how to balance the budget: Pass a law that says if the budget isn't balanced, no sitting member of Congress is eligible for re-election.

Want to bet how quickly the Teapublicans will pass this bill?