Thursday, May 01, 2014

The Game is Rigged and You Don't Realize It

I recently read an interview with Mark Cuban, and he was asked if he had it to do all over again, would he do it. He said he wouldn't because of all the regulations and laws that he would have to comply with today that he didn't have to when he started out. I wish I could find that article!

Here's some other news. AirBnB is a site where you can rent a room (or a couch), or a house while travelling at reasonable prices. Naturally, the hospitality industry is reacting badly. How dare individuals take money from large corporations (aka job creators)?

Yes. I know. The article says it's New York city is fighting this, but make no mistake: the hospitality industry is behind this.  They lose money when you book through AirBnB.

Other multinational corporations are trying to restrict what their small competitors can do. In Florida, ABInBev opposed a proposal that would allow Florida craft brewers to sell 64 oz growlers. They proposed a counter bill. Breweries that wanted to sell to customers on tours would have to sell their beer to distributors, then buy it back so they could sell it to consumers. They can sell quart growlers and gallon growlers under current laws, but they can't sell half gallon growlers. (I'll buy the gallon growlers all day!)

Paul Ryan, who used his late father's Social Security funds to pay for his college, wants to cut Social Security. Why? Probably because you would do the same thing and take his job in Congress.

Net Neutrality is dead. Now the companies that sell you access to the Internet also sell access to the Internet to websites like Netflix and Google. Want to bet that, even though Netflix pays Comcast for streaming, you and I will still have a bandwidth cap for Netflix? Of course we will. The hose they have stuck in our pocket still isn't getting lint. They will charge Netflix more and they will charge us more. That's what our government is promoting: huge profits for big corporations.

What does all this mean?

Money talks and bullshit walks. You and I don't have enough money to stop this. This is the end of Democracy and the beginning of the Oligarchy. We The People have become They The Losers.