Friday, April 04, 2014

The Intersection of Gun Ownership and Crazy

This past Wednesday, Army Specialist Ivan Lopez went on a shooting spree at Fort Hood. Suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and depression, he brought his legally obtained fire arm on base after an argument and killed three people wounding 16.

Typically, the Left is talking about more gun laws and the Right is saying that everyone needs to carry guns.

It is illegal to smuggle a gun onto Fort Hood. Lopez brought it on the base anyway. So the Right is saying that is why Gun Free Zones don't work. People will break the law. While there is some truth to the argument, don't forget that the Right is doing everything it can to cut benefits to our soldiers, including those with mental health issues, to line the pockets of large corporations. And of course, the Right is also blaming Obama for those Gun Free zones.

The Left, on the other hand seems to want to make it harder for everyone to get a gun. They say that if Lopez hadn't been able to purchase the gun, those three people would still be alive. Again, they are correct to a point.

Here's what we need to do as a Nation: Don't let people with mental issues get their hands on guns.  Everyone else can buy as many guns as they want. But if they have and mental health problems they should not.

We need to take care of the intersection of gun ownership and crazy, not get rid of gun ownership.

And for crying out loud, why can't men and women who have been trained in firearms carry their weapons on base?

Thursday, April 03, 2014

The War on Religious Liberty

Senator Ted Cruz recently spoke of the Threat to Religious Liberty™.

Cruz said, ”As believers, we are called to action; not just sitting quietly and hiding our faith under a bushel but to stand and speak no matter what the consequence.  Religious liberty has never been more under attack.”

Exactly which liberties are being lost, I wonder? How many churches have been closed? How many Bible Burnings? Did I miss the invite to the burning? I got the one for the Quran Burning. But I didn't get the invite to the Bible burning. Has there been a slaughter of Christians in the US? I've been invited to the slaughter of all Muslims, but haven't heard about the Christian one. Has Senator Cruz been prevented to going to church? From praying? Sending his children to religious schools?

Or does he mean that his religious liberty is being  attacked because he wants to impose his religion on others?

Can someone from Senator Cruz' office post his reply in the comments?