Friday, January 18, 2013

Ban Assault Saws Now!

Three Kentucky men decided to take on the task of ridding the world of evil.  They targeted a 19 year drug dealer, Daniel Delfin. The lured him in with the promise of a drug deal. Then they kidnapped him and beat him to death. THEN, they dismembered him with a machete and a saw. THEN they put his head, hands and feet in a dumpster and buried his torso and legs in a field near one of their houses.

Apparently they were taking the news of an assault weapons ban to heart.


Thursday, January 17, 2013

Mystery Meat in Ireland

The Irish government recently tested ground beef sold in the country. It found a shocking 85% of ground meat sold in Irelan contains horse and pig DNA. This story reports how England's largest grocery store chain is being hurt by report, but fails to mention how many suppliers are selling this  "augmented" ground beef. (That's my term.) It could just be one. It is also unclear where the supplier is located.

It's a frightening thought.  How long have the Irish been eating horse, thinking it was beef?

Even more frightening, is it happening here?

If, say, Monsanto or ADM decided that since feeding cows powdered dead cows is okay, how about powdered dead horses and pigs? The Republican Congress has consistently demonstrated how little they care about our pocketbooks, our rights and our food--and conversely how much they care about corporate bottom lines--it could happen here, if it isn't already.

Yes, we have the FDA inspecting the factories that produce both the animals and the product, but they can't be in every factory every day. And Teapublicans are eager to cut the budget of Federal program (except Congressional pay and insurance. How do we know the big food companies aren't adding more than pink slime to our food?

We need another Upton Sinclair. And we really have to stop corporations from trying to repeat history.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

I Thought It Was Good To Out Source

An employee of an unnamed US company was recently dismissed because he paid a Chinese company $50,000 dollars a year to do his work for him, while he earned his six figure salary. He spent his 40 hour work week surfing the web, and searching eBay.

I want to know why he's in trouble? Large corporations (aka, people) have been outsourcing for years!

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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Missing PA Girl Found

Nailla Robinson, 5, was abducted from school yesterday by a woman wearing a black niqab, a piece of cloth that covers the face worm by Muslim women. The woman went to Nailla's classroom and told the substitute teacher that she had signed the girl out of school, and then lead the blindfolded girl to an house. Nailla said that later a teenaged girl took her to a park where she was found this morning.

Using the logic of Newtown, we should immediately ban naqibs.