Saturday, November 18, 2006

Up until November 7, we were inundated with scores of stories about the Diebold electronic voting machines being faulty. Now that Democrats are poised to take over the Congress, I have a quick question for the MSM: So the machines are faulty only when Democrats lose?


Friday, November 17, 2006

Thank goodness that we are starting to enforce English in law enforcement. They are dropping the "Ten Code" in favor of plain English. If only we can get the brown skins to use it!


Thursday, November 16, 2006

Emily Gillette has filed a complaint against Delta Air Lines and Freedom Airlines because she was kicked off the plane for breast feeding her baby, and had refused the offer of a blanket to hide her glorious side breast from public view. (The baby was using the naughty bit.)

I wish the Religious Whack Jobs running this country would decide whether they want women covered up or not!

Had Melissa Chase been wearing a Burka, as well as her 16 year-old hottie girl friend, she might still have a job at Harlem High School. And if an unnamed teacher at the Putnam Valley Middle School had been wearing a burka, Aaron Perez wouldn't have asked her for a hug and been suspended.

Please, ladies! Cover your beautiful bodies!


Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Fortress Amerika - Day 184!

The city of Farmers Branch, Texas is about to pass a ban on illegal immigrants. You want to work in Farmers Branch? Have your passport ready. You want to live in Farmers Branch? Make sure you have your birth certificate.

Why am I the only one scared by this? Since this is Texas, we "know" who the illegals are supposed to be: brown skinned people. No one is looking for illegal Canadians! So the only way that business owners and rental property owners have to determine who might be illegal is to judge by the color of their skin! Some Hispanic families in Texas can trace their ancestry back to before the Alamo. But because they have brown skin, we are going to treat them like they are illegal. That, dear readers, is pure and simple racism.

"...everybody is bilingual," said Susie Hart, who grew up in Farmers Branch, during a recent demonstration outside Farmers Branch City Hall. In Texas, the road signs are in English. In Louisiana, down in Acadiana, the street signs are in English and French. Would Susie Hart be complaining about bilingualism in Lousiana? Here in Fredericksburg, Texas, which was founded by German immigrants, if I were to greet her with the traditional, "Wie Geht's?" would she be offended? If she went to dinner at Prejean's Restaurant in Lafayette, Lousiana, and the hostess said, "Bon soir," would she be complaining that everyone was bilingual? NO! The person who said "Wie Geht's?" or "Bon soir" would be white, and Susie wouldn't have a fucking problem with it! But if she walked into a Mexican restaurant, and someone said, "Hola," she'd be on the phone to INS!

And, let us hope she never, ever visits Hawaii! The signs in English and Japanese would drive her nuts!

UPDATE! The Farmers Branch City Council decided that illegal aliens can work in Farmers Branch but can't live there. They exempted business owners from the ordinance. Imagine my surprise. I bet every restaurant owner went to the City Council and said, "I can't afford to hire American Patriots at my restaurant. They want too much money!" Big Business wins again!

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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Now that Democrats control the Congress, I expect these stories to slowly fade away. After all, Democrats have no tolerance for sex crimes. Just ask Clarence Thomas and Monica Lewinsky.

Christine Marie Johanson, a former Hudson Park Elementary School teacher’s assistant accused of having sex with a 15-year-old Rainier Junior/Senior High School boy was indicted for forcing the boy to have sex with her. She has pled not guilty. As she's a hot brunette, she will, doubtless, receive no jail time.

Since the Fundamentalist, Right Wing, Moral Majority-types won't do it, maybe the Democrats will force all women to wear burkas to prevent this type of crime.

And in Brighton, Colorado, a hot blond principal's wife, Carrie McCandless, was accused of having an inappropriate sexual relationship with a 17-year-old male student on Halloween weekend. Earlier in the year David Mundy, Jr., a substitute teacher at the same school, plead guilty to similar charges and faces up to 12 years in prison. Wanna bet how much the hot blonde chick gets?

Now pretend that the hotties are Democrats. And pretend that the guy is a Republican. That's kind of how the next two years are gonna go.


Monday, November 13, 2006

I am a survivor of the 80s, and an original member of the MTV generation. I bought albums and cassettes after watching the videos on TV. One of my favorite MTV bands in Men at Work. Here's a clip of Colin Hay performing "Overkill" on Scrubs.