Saturday, September 03, 2005

I will be soo glad when Bush is out of office. I hope our next President is a Democrat so the Liberals will have to find someone else to blame for hurricanes.

Of course, anything that happens after Bush will be Bush's fault.

Friday, September 02, 2005

I have been reading the blogs about the news from New Orleans, and like anything else in modern society, it's the fault of the Right. Or the Left. Depends on who's talking.

I really should write down the name of the blogs I surf, but often, the things that strike me as stupid, at first, don't.

I ran across one blog, Blah Freaking Blah, that had this to say when W made an annoucement that he was saddened by the events in New Orleans; "Lose the platitudes and DO SOMETHING. Idiot." The author then asked why isn't the National Guard guarding us? In a latter post: "This is YOUR country George. People are dying who should NOT be dying. They've lost everything. They're hungry and thirsty and scared. They are mostly black and mostly poor. HELP THEM. You were supposedly so worried about freeing the Iraqis from a dictator...who frees us from you? You sent the military to Iraq. We need them in New Orleans."

Yesterday, I saw a news story about a interview with a woman in new Orleans wondering why the government wasn't taking care of her. You know, the government she ignored when she decided not to evacuate.

The common theme in these reactions to the crisis is that the govenrment is a parent and should look out for us, should take care of us, should clothe us, feed us, and house us. That's a concept that truly scares me.

that allows the government to tell us what to do and what we can't do. A perfect Bill O'Reilly state, where one person rules.

Thursday, September 01, 2005

"Finding" and "Looting" -- more media Bias

Two white people finding stuff in an abandoned store.  Not looting!  They are finding!

We have become accustomed to the media telling us about the disappearances and murders of attractive white women while they ignore the disappearances and murders of non-whites and the not-so-pretty.

Now, as The Wonkette reported, The press beleives blacks are looters, and whites are finders. In one picture, reproduced here, two white folks wade through water after finding bread and soda. Another picture showed a young man of color wading through water after looting a store. Don't beleive me? Click on the link.

"Nope, the media isn't biased," he said as he poked his head further into the sand.

Wednesday, August 31, 2005

The governor of Louisiana is calling for the city of New Orleans to be abandoned. I can't think of a time when an entire city has had to be evacuated. I can't imagine what the people are experiencing; up to their hips in water all the time, no power, no food, etc.

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

When I worked for the cigarette company, I stopped at a grocery store in South Austin. It was a rainy day, and the store had several of those orange "Slippery When Wet" signs up around the doors. Sure enough, a woman in her mid-forties is running from her car into the store when she slips on the sidewalk in front of the door. Before she could get to her feet, the manager of every department of the store descended on her, helped her up, got her a seat, called EMS. The woman tried to brush off the attention, but the manager explained that they were just concerned about her health. Hell, I could tell they were only trying to head off a lawsuit.

Why haven't I heard from the City? I broke my ankle on their property. Wouldn't an attorney fo the city have contacted me by now?

I'm not sure that I intend to sue, but it would certainly pay for my ambulance ride and hospital stay. Shouldn't they City be trying to head it off?

Monday, August 29, 2005

A Seiji original!

Thanks, Seiji, for the caricature of me.

Sunday, August 28, 2005

Have I ever mentioned that I am writing a comic account of my visit to Japan many years ago? Well, today, i heard from another old NWJC classmate, Seiji. Ah, memories!