Thursday, September 01, 2005

"Finding" and "Looting" -- more media Bias

Two white people finding stuff in an abandoned store.  Not looting!  They are finding!

We have become accustomed to the media telling us about the disappearances and murders of attractive white women while they ignore the disappearances and murders of non-whites and the not-so-pretty.

Now, as The Wonkette reported, The press beleives blacks are looters, and whites are finders. In one picture, reproduced here, two white folks wade through water after finding bread and soda. Another picture showed a young man of color wading through water after looting a store. Don't beleive me? Click on the link.

"Nope, the media isn't biased," he said as he poked his head further into the sand.


Blogger Dawn said...

I thought you might find this info of interest as well.

The pictures were from two different companies and two different photo services.
But that doesn't excuse the assumptions made.

1:27 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Not to shift into my bleeding heart indentity, but what does one do when in such a circumstance and no aid appears to be coming. What if your family's starving?

It's interesting that the snopes article has the AFP photog defending the "finding" terminology by saying that the items were literally floating out of the store. If you "find" someone else's property on the street and it's obviously not yours (like, say, a bag of cash that fell from an armored truck), would you be any less of a thief than the guy who shoplifts? The law generally doesn't see a difference. Then again, we don't actually know that the black photo subject didn't leave cash on the counter of the store, do we?

If the need is desperate enough, I think most of us would do what we had to to feed ourselves or our familys (and people are starving in NO). That, of course, doesn't excuse most of the folks walking out of the Wal-Mart with TV's and DVD players, but that's another side of the issue.

Sorry for droning on, but that's an interesting collage there.

6:58 PM  

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