Friday, November 02, 2007

N Word!

Quick what's the first thing that popped into your mind?

Was it the actual word itself? Or was it "Nappy Headed Ho?"

Duane "Dog" Chapman got angry at one of his sons and left a angry, N-word (Didya think of it again?) tirade on the boy's answering machine. And in true celebrity fashion, it has turned up in the news. Heck, even TMZ, who is apparently incensed by the use of the N-word (Didya think of it again?) even let's you listen to the N-word (Didya think of it again?) rant as many times as you like.

First, I expect anyone in Dog's generation to think using the N-word (Didya think of it again?) because it was so common in the South before the 60s. I'm sure my parents have to stop themselves from using the N-word (Didya think of it again?) when they get angry.

Second, if the N-word (Didya think of it again?) is so vile that anyone who uses it must be dragged before the court of public opinion, why do we let CNN use "N-word" (Didya think of it again?) in a headline? Doesn't that just draw attention to the word?

So, when you have those two things together, an older person will just drop the N-Bomb.(Didya think of it again?)

I'm not going to lambast Dog for his angry outburst. Show me one person who hasn't said something he regrets in the heat of anger. Just one. Now if he says it everytime time he talks about his spiritual advisor, Dr. Tim Storey (who CNN quickly points out is black), I would be angry and disappointed.


Thursday, November 01, 2007

I hate to bring my comments over from Digg, but since they won't let me comment there. . .

Here's the headline: "Prof replaces term papers with Wikipedia contributions, suffering ensues"

Here's the submitted synopsis: Much attention has been given to the problem of students relying on Wikipedia as a source of information, but one professor has turned that problem on its head: instead of term papers, her students now write Wikipedia entries.

Here's a comment that I wanted to respond to: "That is actually an awesome movie. ;-) - Besides I don't see why their are so many people who get there panties in a bunch when they're are people using "there" wrong.."

Here's what I wrote and Digg says my session has ended: "Coz, its hard to reed."

yelofnivek wrote: "i see what you did they're..." That's my favorite comment in the thread.

Yeah, I know it was a joke.


Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Here are some photos taken at a fashion show. Nothing perverted about this, just a designer showing off his clothes using young girls as models.

Doesn't the girl on the right have a pretty smile? I would even go so far as to say she's hot. Especially in that outfit.

While I have never parked by the middle school playground during lunch time with a bag of candy I have driven by and looked, but how can I be held responsible for that? They're wearing tight, hip hugging jeans, tight t-shirts with a band of skin showing between the two. Some of these girls are stunning.

So why is everyone all worked up about young girls wearing sexy Halloween costumes? They wear sexy clothes 365 days a year.

All kidding aside, guys have been looking at young girls since we were young boys. Guys will always look. Don't take it personally, ladies. It's genetic. To some extent, all guys sexualize girls. Why else would the school girl outfit be so popular? Why else would so many teachers fall in love, or at least lust, with their students?

But there are some guys with no self control, some guys who prey on young girls. And let's face facts, the outfits above and the suggestive costumes are only adding fuel to the fire.

Hey! If you want to dress your precious flower up like Britney or Paris, do not get angry when guys check her out. And don't be too surprised when she tells you she is pregnant right before you take her to the junior prom.

Happy Halloween!


Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Barack Obama seems to be taking campaign advice from Republicans. Over the weekend, Obama staged a gospel concert to raise money for his campaign. Now had everything ended there, I would have had to write things like: Why can Democrats use Christianity in their campaigns, but Republicans can't? or What would people say if Mitt Romney used a gospel concert to raise money?

Fortunately, Obama hired and preacher who used to be gay, and has stated that being gay was a matter of choice. Let me tell ya, that went over well! And, as a bonus, we get to see the Democrats show the lie behind their self-proclaimed "Party of Inclusion."

Gay activists protested against this guy because it upsets their worldview that being gay isn't a choice, and is then legitimized. I think this guy is partly right: Some people choose to sleep with members of the same sex. We call them bi-sexual.

But I digress.

Obama has now alienated one of the Democratic constituencies, and Hillary has got to be laughing her ass off about now.


Monday, October 29, 2007

Fortress AmeriKKKa - Day 532

French-speaking, polite, white people are pouring over our borders daily, and the Minutemen are doing nothing about it! With the US and Canadian dollar at parity--one USD=one CD--Canadians are pouring across the border in waves to spend money.

In Bellis Fair mall in northern Washington State, Canadians are descending in force. "I've walked the parking lot, and it seemed like 75% of the cars had Canadian license plates," says Bethany Lyons, assistant store manager at the center's Target.

I guess Amerika is the new Mexico. It won't be long and our northern nighbors will be putting up a fence to keep us out.