Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Crazy Will Always Find a Way

Yesterday, some kid who'd dreamed of stabbing people to death since he was a kid tried to do just that at a college near Houston.

I suppose this is a anti-gun advocates dream, people injured and hurt by a crazy person with an Xacto knife instead of a gun with a high capacity magazine.

When I was in Japan, where there is strict gun control, every night there was a news story about someone killing someone with a knife or a golf club.  Taking the gun away won't take the crime away.


Tuesday, April 09, 2013

2 Militia Members Sue FBI

According to an ABC story, Michael Meeks and Thomas Piatek, who were acquitted of trying to overthrow the US government are filing suit against the FBI and a state police trooper for violating their Constitutional rights. The same constitution they were attempting to overthrow.


Monday, April 08, 2013

Who Does Government Care About More: You or Big Business?

Here's the answer: Big Corporations.

In Arkansas, an Exxon pipeline ruptured spilling thousands of gallons of oil into a residential neighborhood and forcing evacuations for 22 homes. The state is trying to keep the spill out of a nearby lake and is monitoring the air quality in the area.

Angered by journalists who are reporting on the spill frying overhead in helicopters with photojournalists dangling out of the sides like that guy in "Full Metal Jacket [Blu-ray]" who said "It's easy--You don't lead 'em as far"; Exxon got the FAA to create a No Fly Zone over the area.

Let me simplify this for you: The government created a No Fly Zone over an oil spill to prevent news coverage of something that will happen to the Keystone Pipeline Project (the project to get Canadian Oil to the Texas coast and sold to overseas more cheaply).

If you and I were caught pouring used motor oil into a storm drain we'd get a ticket, not a No Fly Zone!