Saturday, January 14, 2006

Pamela Anderson, a Canadian, is trying to get the bust of Harlan "Colonel" Sanders removed from the Kentucky state capitol building. She suggested that he was a chicken's Hitler (my interpretation and not her actual words), and his bust a monument to cruelty.

Geez! Look at the size of those hooters!

What were we talking about again?

Friday, January 13, 2006

My mother's sister, my aunt, has bone cancer and liver cancer. We just found out that the doctor only gives a few months.

Somehow, I don't feel like a joke today.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

As surely as night follows day, and protesters follow a G8 meeting, the euphoria of the holidays is followed by a soul crushing depression as I contemplate my current financial situation.

My eBay auctions continue to generate a little income. But I seem to be paying as much in postage and seller fees as I get for the sales. I will resume some part-time work helping a neighbor with her eBay auctions, but that's on $20-$30 a week.

Have I thanked Congress lately for increasing my payments without increasing my income? They sure do care about me.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

We're updating our software at work this week. However, the demo data they supplied doesn't quite work correctly. It does work, though, in the live system. But I'm reluctant to play around in the real data.

Well, I had hoped that paying off one credit card would have made making payments easier. Nope. Thanks to the minimums doubling, because our Congress cares about us they didn't make our salaries go up. The bastards.

So, it's time to start looking for a part-time job. This search is hampered by my work schedule. One week I work Wednesday to Saturday. The second week I work Tuesday to Friday. The third week I work Monday to Thursday. Then the cycle starts all over again. I am helping a couple of people with their computer stuff, but need more reliable income. So it might be back to retail for me, at least on Sundays.

Or, I could win the lottery.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Yesterday, the boss said I should visit my nephew when he is deployed to Japan. I laughed and said it wasn't likely to happen. What I should've said was:

"In August I broke my leg, and because my employer is too cheap to get insurance, I now have an extra $20,000 in debts that I didn't have in July. Congress closed the bankruptcy door for individuals. Then they passed a bill doubling the minimums on all my credit cards. The $400 a month I was paying turned into $800 a month. The only thing that hasn't increased is my paycheck! How was your vacation in Breckinridge, by the way? You know, the one where you went to Vail one day to meet with the software vendor at their office so that you could write off the trip as a business expense?"

But I'm too nice to say something like that.


Monday, January 09, 2006

There's a murder of crows, a mob of kangaroos, a shrewdness of apes, and a dishonesty of politicians. After reading this story about a group of sharks, I looked for what a group of sharks was called. No luck. So I decided to come up with a name myself.

A law firm of sharks!

I need everyone to start using the term immediately. Christians: pretend this is "Book of Daniel," and start writing letters. Liberals: Pretend this is Bush and go out and protest. O'Reilly fans: Pretend Bill just told you it was true!

Let's get moving on this people!

Update: I did find what a group of sharks is called. It's a shiver of sharks. Too dull. The crusade continues!


Sunday, January 08, 2006

When Democrats do it, it's okay!

Here a link to a 60 Minutes transcript about how the NSA has been reading your email. Oops. It's from September 2000. Two months before Gore had the election stolen. You know what this means? That the outrage the Left is going through is not because of the spying, but because someone besides them did it.

The government spying on its citizens in not news. Anyone remember J. Edgar Hoover? He complied files on practically everyone.