Thursday, November 23, 2006

Kumi Houston, a special ed assistant, admitted to a sexual relationship with an 11 year old male student, when she took the boy into her bedroom, raised her shirt and allowed him to touch and kiss her breasts.

Yet another instance of a situation that could have been prevented with a Christian Burka!


Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Last week, I got an email from Google AdSense that, essentially, told me to quit using a third party to fraudulently click my own ads. I responded that I don't do that, and asked what page was being abused so I could voluntarily remove the ads. Google wrote back and said that they couldn't tell me which page was being abused because it would reveal how they know that I was doing it, and yes, they knew it was me. The click fraud was tracked to my account. I answered back and repeated that I wasn't doing it, and asked if there were ways I could prevent fraudulent clicks. Again I was told they couldn't tell me that, because then people would know how they look for fraudulent clicks. And I should stop using a third party program to click my own ads.

So I removed the ads on all my sites. I replaced them with Amazon ads, but the revenue just isn't the same, not that I was burning up the world with AdSense, mind you. I wrote Google back and reported that someone has access to my account, and that until they gave me the "go ahead" and let me know they caught the culprit, I would voluntarily stop running their ads, because I, too, take click fraud seriously.


Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Christine Scarlett and Steven Bradigan have a two year old son. Christine is 39 and Steven is 20. And if you've been reading this blog at all, you should expect that she was a teacher, and he was a student. (She is smoking hot, though. That excuses any crime she may have committed being a pedophile.) Steven and Christine are not married (or we would have seen the movie on E! or the Lifetime Movie Network), and recently settled a huge custody fight. Christine, the pedophile, gets to keep their son, and Steven, the victim, gets visitation rights.

All this was settled months ago. What brings this to my attention is that Steven parents are the only ones who have been facing charges for the affair. Fortunately, they are, essentially, off the hook. They will enter a court "diversion" program that will erase the charge if they meet certain conditions.

The affair was reported, Christine lost her job, but no charges were filed against Christine. (See my previous "She's hot" comment.) The most interesting sentence in the entire story is, "Christine Scarlett, 39, allegedly held a win a date with a teacher contest, and took Bradigan to Dairy Queen," and propositioned him in the parking lot. All good, right?

Now, suppose that Christine was a man and Steven was a young girl. Still all good? Didn't think so.

Jeffery Cheshier, 41, has been "molesting" a teen girl for a year. (The news story used the word in connection with the case. I argue that Christine molested Steven, but since the victim is male, he cannot be molested. At least, he can't be molested by a woman.) She got pregnant. He took her to an abortion clinic where she was asked in the unviable tissue mass was the result of rape. She said no. Three times she was asked. Three times she said no. Last month, the two got into a fight and police were called. Suddenly, the teen claimed rape. And anti-abortion protesters who photograph every car that comes into a Granite City, Arkansas abortion clinic, took three pictures of Chesier's car.

Cheshier is in jail. Christine Scarlett isn't.

One pedophile is in jail and another has custody of a 2 year boy. Why?


Monday, November 20, 2006

I am currently reading the Star Trek book Crucible: McCoy: Prevenance of Shadows, and I am a little bit pissed off.

The book is exceptionally well-written, and is bold in its attempt to record McCoy's career and an alternate past where McCoy saved Edith Keeler, and changes history. But David R. George III's book basically resets Pocket Books' Star Trek history.

For example, in the 1988 novel Final Frontier, after the episode "City on the Edge of Forever", Kirk returns to Earth to mourn Keeler, and discovers his father's diary, and learns that George Kirk served on the Enterprise under Robert April. Now, 18 years later, that never happened. Instead, the ship leaves the Guardian of Forever and goes to Deneva to stop flying parasites that spread mass insanity.

Later, after the events of the episode "For the World is Hollow and I Have Touched the Sky," George writes that McCoy never saw Natira again. So much for the 2004 novel Ex Machina!

Korax destroys the Guardian of Forever, invalidating the TOS novels Yesterday's Son, Time for Yesterday, the animated series episode "Yesteryear" and the TNG Novel Imzadi. In the aftermath, Kirk is promoted to Admiral and is excited by the prospect, and McCoy resigns from Star Fleet because he's tired, and not in protest to Kirk's promotion, as Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry wrote in the adaptation of Star Trek: The Motion Picture. Spock's resignation is because of Zarabath, not because he failed McCoy who was kidnapped by someone posses by the katra of a mad Vulcan warlord and chronicled in 1988's The Lost Years. That might invalidate the remaining books in "The Lost Years" Saga.

Attention Pocket Books: Take a page from Ballantine Books, the publishers of the Star Wars books, and make all your Star Trek books internally consistant!