Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Last week, I got an email from Google AdSense that, essentially, told me to quit using a third party to fraudulently click my own ads. I responded that I don't do that, and asked what page was being abused so I could voluntarily remove the ads. Google wrote back and said that they couldn't tell me which page was being abused because it would reveal how they know that I was doing it, and yes, they knew it was me. The click fraud was tracked to my account. I answered back and repeated that I wasn't doing it, and asked if there were ways I could prevent fraudulent clicks. Again I was told they couldn't tell me that, because then people would know how they look for fraudulent clicks. And I should stop using a third party program to click my own ads.

So I removed the ads on all my sites. I replaced them with Amazon ads, but the revenue just isn't the same, not that I was burning up the world with AdSense, mind you. I wrote Google back and reported that someone has access to my account, and that until they gave me the "go ahead" and let me know they caught the culprit, I would voluntarily stop running their ads, because I, too, take click fraud seriously.



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