Saturday, September 24, 2005

Rita is predicted to travel north, east of Austin. We're might get high winds today. Personally, I'm hoping for serious damage. Maybe we could get to loot our Wal-Mart!

Let me check my list: Gun? Check! Clothes? Check. Plasma TV? Check! Xbox? Check! Games for said Xbox? Check!

Oh yeah! I need to remember to pick up some beer and some food. As long as I get food, the moral relativists won't excuse me of stealing.

Friday, September 23, 2005

A month or so ago, I wrote an entry demanding a revision to Roe V. Wade, demanding some rights to fathers of infants. The basis of my article was a story on Yahoo! News (long since gone) saying that one father in 25 was supporting a child that wasn't his.

The other day, I found a perfect illustration of the story. First, the setup: Amber Frey is the former mistress of Scott Peterson, and her testimony put that scumbag in prison. (Sorry, I just channeled John Walsh.) Now, the story (the setup was to explain why this was even in the news at all): CNN reports that the person paying child support for Frey's child for the last four years isn't the father of said child. Frey just told him he was the father, and demanded child support. Since a woman is incapable of lying or being mistaken in these matters, the guy has been paying court ordered child support. And get this: He only found out when he was preparing his case for visitation rights, which Frey had been fighting!

This poor guy, Anthony Flores, has been funneling money to Frey for support of "his" child and not allowed visitation. No mention is made whether the real father, restauranteur Christopher Funch, has been visiting the child.

In her defense, Frey's spokesman says she honestly believed Flores was the father. She was sleeping with so many men that she was mistaken, I guess.

Flores has paid $8400 in child support on the word of Amber Frey. Flores likely never attempted to prove or disprove his paternity and just cowboyed up and did what a father should do, paid child support.

The questions are: Does Frey have to pay him back? I doubt the court would do that to her. She's a Mom, after all. Will Funch have to pay Flores back? Probably not until the courts change the name of the father on the documents, and that could take years, while Flores has to continue to pay or risk being arrested for being a deadbeat "dad." Now that he's emotionally (not to mention financially) invested in the child, will Flores get visitation rights? Nope. He's not the father. And finally, will he sue Frey for the money and emotional damage? After all, for the last four years, he's believed he is the father of the child, and wanted some contact with "his" daughter.

I certainly hope so.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Now, this is what I call a Mandatory Evacuation! Rich and poor have to leave! I'm sure someone will blame the President, though.

As of 6 pm last night, the Fredericksburg Visitors' Center knew of no lodging available in Texas. The closest cities to Houston with room availability were Tulsa, Oklahoma and Albuquerque, New Mexico. The Red Cross will open a shelter in Kerrville. It seems that even the folks with no where to go are going somewhere. Wasn't that why the poor didn't leave New Orleans?

This reminds me of something I witnessed many years ago. Back in the 70s, every time there was a mandatory evacuation of the Gulf Coast, the Fredericksburg Jaycees would set up a coffee stand on Main Street, under the roof of a used car dealership. They would put a big sign that pointed to free coffee and information about lodging. I haven't seen them do that in 20 years. I wonder why? Hmmm.

Anyway, I just read that Governor Blanco has ordered an evacuation of the Louisiana Coast. Um, yeah. We saw how well that worked last time.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Uh Oh! Here comes Rita!

If Katrina can be credited with anything positive, it is reminding people what "mandatory" in Mandatory Evacuation means. For the last two days, the phones at work have literally rung off the hook with folks from South Texas calling to find accomodations. Even the poor.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

A Call to Action

The horrible legacy of Katrina continues to shock and shame the nation. Last night's defeat of the New Orleans Saints by the New York Giants drives a stake in the heart of compassion.

It's not too late to insure the Saints win this year's Super Bowl. Contact the NFL. Let them know that you will not tolerate insensitivy towards the homeless victims of Hurricane Katrina. Demand that the New Orleans Saints be given the Lombardi Trophy immediately. Then call your favorite team. Demand that they go easy on the Saints. They've been through enough already.

Write letters to your Congressman, your Senator, the Vice-President (who sill succeed GWB if he's impeached), and he President. Convince them that the only way to make up for the Katrina debacle is make the Saints Super Bowl XL champions!

Together, we can make a difference. Remember: Life isn't fair, that's why we have to act!

Monday, September 19, 2005

Sunday, September 18, 2005

We've waited weeks to hear Cindy Sheehan's opnion on New Orleans. And it's finally here!

Apparently, she made a State tour of the devastated area as leader of the anti-Bush movement. She didn't say anything the surprised me, filtered as her coments are through the veil of a greiving, anti-administration, anti-military mother. But now, the Left has to come to grips with these statements: "One thing that truly troubled me about my visit to Louisiana was the level of the military presence there. . . George Bush needs to stop talking, admit the mistakes of his all around failed administration, pull our troops out of occupied New Orleans."

Oh, my head is going to explode! I thought the Left was mad because the military didn't get there fast enough? Now they have to start demanding their withdrawal? Wouldn't it have been easier if Busgh didn't send them in the first place?

And before anyone says she meant the National guard should get rid of the guns and dismantle the machine gun nests she describes in the story, that's not what she wrote. She wrote "pull our troops out of occupied Louisiana." She didn't write "put away the guns."