Thursday, November 01, 2007

I hate to bring my comments over from Digg, but since they won't let me comment there. . .

Here's the headline: "Prof replaces term papers with Wikipedia contributions, suffering ensues"

Here's the submitted synopsis: Much attention has been given to the problem of students relying on Wikipedia as a source of information, but one professor has turned that problem on its head: instead of term papers, her students now write Wikipedia entries.

Here's a comment that I wanted to respond to: "That is actually an awesome movie. ;-) - Besides I don't see why their are so many people who get there panties in a bunch when they're are people using "there" wrong.."

Here's what I wrote and Digg says my session has ended: "Coz, its hard to reed."

yelofnivek wrote: "i see what you did they're..." That's my favorite comment in the thread.

Yeah, I know it was a joke.



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