Friday, October 26, 2007

While CNN struggles to decide exactly who to blame for the California Wildfires (Could it be arson? Global Warming? The Governator?) I have a solution to future catastrophes like this.

In the town where I live, there are two creeks that feed into a river that eventually wends its way into Lake Travis in Austin. Neither these creeks nor the Pedernales River are controlled, and are prone to floods. The County prohibits anyone from building in the 100 year flood plain, lest their home be swept away.

Maybe, California ought to consider such a provision: Don't build houses where wildfires occur every 100 years. Then we wouldn't have to listen to this whining about how the government doesn't care about the people with multi-million dollar homes in fire country. (Isn't it amazing the Bush can hate the poor in Louisiana and the rich in California?)



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