Friday, October 19, 2007

Air America host Randi Rhodes fell while walking her dog and at least cut her lip.

In the spirit of post-Katrina journalists everywhere, Jon Elliot, another Air America host, obtained no facts and reported she had been attacked and had lost several teeth. In the calm, rational manner of all Liberals, he continued, "Is this an attempt by the right-wing hate machine to silence one of our own? Are we threatening them?"

Hmm. I thought Fox News was the only place that created fake, alarmist news.

Elliot later apologized for jumping to conclusions, but how many people will remember that, versus the sensational announcement that Right Wingers had attacked Rhodes? Apparently, one staffer at Air America, who spoke anonymously, and was not authorized to speak for the network. He told reporters that she was attacked, but it wasn't a hate crime.

I thought all crimes against women were hate crimes. Unless, the attacker wasn't a white male. . .

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