Thursday, October 04, 2007

Currently, DC Comics is in the midst of recreating the DC Multiverse. You remember the DC Multiverse, don't you? they collapsed it into the DCU (or DC Universe) back in the 80s. I was in Japan at the time, and I had to catch up on the series when I got home.

I'm glad. I missed the old, pre-Crisis DC. I liked Earth-2, and read all the Earth-2 titles. I like the new DCU and hope they continue that. The JSA related titles are beginning to remind me of the Earth-2 titles, with the older heroes teaching the new heroes.

I also noticed that they have also revamped Lex Luthor's back story. Used to be, waaaay back in the 50s and 60s, Luthor was an old friend of Clark from Smallville. John Byrne came along and rewrote all of that. For 20 years, Lex Luthor was just an evil businessman that never met Clark Kent before Kent arrived in Metropolis. Now, Luthor was raised in Smallville, just like the series. This will be like the sixth time I've had to relearn Luthor's origin.

At least it's better than the Marvel Universe. The writers have turned the carefree Marvel Universe into a grim and gritty pre-apocolyptic universe that, except for She-Hulk, just isn't fun anymore.



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