Tuesday, September 25, 2007

On September 21, Star Simpson, a 19-year-old MIT student, went to Boston Logan Airport to meet a friend. She asked an airline employee where she could meet a plane from Oakland. The employee noticed something odd: Simpson was wearing a computer circuit board with nine flashing lights and a battery attached to it on her hooded black sweatshirt, and she carrying a putty substance that turned out to be Play-Doh, but the employee feared could be plastic explosives.

Simpson was arrested at gunpoint, where she revealed that the circuit board was an art project she was going to wear to career day to impress people.

What kind of idiot do you have to be to wear something like that to the airport?

The blogosphere is pretty much in agreement that this was a gross violation of free speech and a ridiculous attack on art and artists.

Meanwhile, "Down in Louisiana, bayous by and by," two white teenagers drove by the Jena 6 Protesters in a pickup with a noose dangling from the tailgate. They were immediately arrested for incitement to riot.

The blogosphere was quick to condemn the actions of these two idiots. But what if they had been college students known for their cutting edge art?

Star Simpson was just as stupid as those two redneck boys.

I don't care if it's art or not, if you wear what could be construed as a bomb to an airport, you're gonna get arrested. If you put a noose on your truck and drive by black people, you're gonna get arrested. Being a college student is no excuse for stupidity.

"College people think they're so smart. You don't go to a hospital and see people braggin' about their health, now, do you?" --Gallagher



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