Monday, October 15, 2007

This "Chains on Main" thing is getting really annoying. Can any of the opponents tell me what, exactly, a chain is?

Is Century 21 a chain?

Is Subway a chain?

Is Edward Jones a chain?

Is Jek's a chain?

Is Coldwell Banker a chain?

Is Mamacita's a chain?

Is Radio Shack a chain?

Is Water2Wine a chain?

Is Chase Bank a chain?

Is GMAC Realty a chain?

Is McDonalds a chain?

Is Security State Bank a chain?

Is Dairy Queen a chain?

Or is a chain a vaguely amorphous concept? Formula business is a term bandied about. To me, that sounds like it includes franchises like, Subway, McDonalds, Dairy Queen, Water2Wine, Century 21, and GMAC Realty. Or, do the opponents mean stores that are corporate owned like Beall's Wal-Mart, HEB, Super S, Western Beverage, Mamacita's or the locally owned Jek's. Shouldn't banks be considered chains?

Or does it depend on the chain? We won't, for example allow another franchisee to put another McDonalds on Main, but if another Water2Wine franchisee wanted to open a store. . .

Or does it depend on where the chain is based? Jek's is based here so they're cool? Or will they not be allowed to open another store under the new ordinance?

David Pedregon said, "There were two groups who were well represented on the committee -- shop owners and property owners -- there was one vitally important group that was missing -- the visitor.”

There is a fourth group.

The people who live here. Who do we turn to?

For the last couple of months every issue of the local paper has published at least one letter from some "Visitor" henceforth known on this blog as GDT ("Gosh Darn Tourist" or something like that), has written in saying "Don't do X! That's why we come there. If we wanted X we'd stay at home." (Where x=chains on main, or power generating windmills, or something else that might improve the citizens' lives.)

When did tourists get a say in local politics? Could I weigh in on the continuing saga of the Atlantic City Mayor simply because I have spent a night there?

Or are we simply abandoning the town and letting the tourists have it?

From this day forward, I think all the local politicians should take their campaigns to Dallas, Houston, San Antonio and Austin, since the tourists are the one running the town.

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