Thursday, January 17, 2013

Mystery Meat in Ireland

The Irish government recently tested ground beef sold in the country. It found a shocking 85% of ground meat sold in Irelan contains horse and pig DNA. This story reports how England's largest grocery store chain is being hurt by report, but fails to mention how many suppliers are selling this  "augmented" ground beef. (That's my term.) It could just be one. It is also unclear where the supplier is located.

It's a frightening thought.  How long have the Irish been eating horse, thinking it was beef?

Even more frightening, is it happening here?

If, say, Monsanto or ADM decided that since feeding cows powdered dead cows is okay, how about powdered dead horses and pigs? The Republican Congress has consistently demonstrated how little they care about our pocketbooks, our rights and our food--and conversely how much they care about corporate bottom lines--it could happen here, if it isn't already.

Yes, we have the FDA inspecting the factories that produce both the animals and the product, but they can't be in every factory every day. And Teapublicans are eager to cut the budget of Federal program (except Congressional pay and insurance. How do we know the big food companies aren't adding more than pink slime to our food?

We need another Upton Sinclair. And we really have to stop corporations from trying to repeat history.


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