Friday, March 10, 2006

Attention, eBay Sellers!

I have a guaranteed way for your items to sell for 20-30% more than before! Forget adding bold! Forget about a border! There's one simple secret: Get me interested in buying!

I am kicking the idea of getting a used laptop around. Don't need much, you know, just a word processor, WiFi, and something I can plug my camera or MP3 Player into when I'm travelling. So i come across this company selling refurbished laptops. I watch their sales for a while, and their laptops hover at $150 up until the lawst few minutes then sell for about $250. So I add three of them to my watch list. They were ending in four days. Twenty-four hours later the bids were up to $350-$400! I wonder where I could apply to get a commission?

Actually, this is corollary of the first shopping law I developed a few years back:

1. If I need or want something badly, everyone in town has just sold out and won't get any more for months.
Corollary: If they have it, 100 other people want it and it is three times as expensive as I am willing to pay.
2. If I go to another town and purchase the item, on my return trip the item will be in stock, and on sale, at every store in town.

So if any of you eBayers want guaranteed increases in sales, drop me a line.


Blogger landismom said...

I have an opposing theory--if you want to buy something cheap on eBay, get me to sell it to you. For all my auctions end at a selling price of at least 30% less than comparable items!

4:14 PM  

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