Saturday, March 04, 2006

If you needed it, here is another reason why you should never write down anything you beleive at any time:

A California middle school student created a MySpace account called "I Hate [Girl's Name]." He included an expletive and an anti-Semitic remark (probably "f**k that [insert anti-Semitic remark here]). He invited 20 other people to join his group. In a later posting he asks how many people would like to "take a shotgun and blast her in the head over a thousand times?"

Naturally, the school found out and expelled the boy. What's interesting is that they expelled the twenty invitees as well, simply for, and I quote from the news article, "for viewing the posting, school officials said."

For viewing the posting? For just viewing the posting? That's like charging someone for robbery because they were a witness. That's like accusing someone for being a racist because they watched a PBS special about the Klan. Well, not quite. When you're invited to join a group named "I hate someone" you kind of expect some ugly things things to be said. But none of the 20 wrote the "shotgun" post, apparently.

And what responisbility does the poor girl have in all this? After all, she pissed off 21 people. I wonder what she did?

Some parents have protested the suspensions by arguing that the school is disciplining students for what they did at home on their own, personal computers.

Silly, parents. There is no right to privacy. That's why your employeer can fire you for smoking, drinking, or using drugs at home. And that's how Roe v. Wade is going to be defeated: corporate intrusion into your personal affairs. The boss, the government and PETA know more than you do and they have a responsibility to make sure you don't do anything wrong or immoral.


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