Wednesday, March 08, 2006

While driving past the polling place yesterday, I noticed people holding signs for Nathan Macias, Republican challenger is Texas district 73. They were on both sides of the street, holding signs that read "vote life!"

While I am pro-life (because we have given up the right to do with our bodies as we please and our right to privacy) I'm not going to make it the only requirement for a candidate I vote for. And while I don't care too much for the incumbent, Carter Casteel, the fanaticism displayed by Macias' supporters is repellent.

So, I kept my political virtue intact, and drove by the polling place. I waved. I think I used all my fingers. But like a 16 year old right wing Christian girl coming home early from the prom, I had saved myself for my future governor!

C'mon everyone! If you didn't vote yesterday sign the petition to get Kinky on the ballot. We only have 65 days!


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