Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Fortress AmeriKKKa - Day 455

In one in 10 US counties, we're going to have to start calling "minorities" something else, and start calling the Chosen Race a "minority," according to a CNN story.

As of 2006, non-Hispanic whites made up less than half the population in 303 of the nation's 3,141 counties, according to figures the Census Bureau released on Thursday. Non-Hispanic whites were a minority in 262 counties in 2000, up from 183 in 1990.

Prince William County in Virginia recently passed anti-illegal laws, alienating legal Hispanics. "Not only are we feeling less welcome, we are feeling threatened," said Teresita Jacinto, a brown-skinned teacher in Woodbridge, Virginia, about 20 miles southwest of Washington. Teresita was born in the United States--I'm sure the Minutemen or other members of the Chosen Race would tell you it was a scam by her parents or grandparents, whoever was originally illegal--to get free medical care.) and has been living and teaching in Woodbridge for 30 years.

That's how we'll run 'em off! Make 'em feel uncomfortable. Good job, Prince William County! You get the 2x4s for the crosses, I'll get the gas to soak 'em in!

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