Monday, August 06, 2007

Since we have received no entries in the Pete Townsend Teen Love Story contest, I have decided to once again be outraged at allegedly adult women having sex with teen boys and, if they are hot and white, not getting jail time but getting modeling contracts or TV movies made about their illicit love. I do reserve the right to celebrate any teen boy's bagging an older hot woman.

Twenty-two year old Ashley Thompson of Kansas was charged with statutory rape of a 15 year old boy. They boy had been hired by Thompson as a baby sitter, only to discover he was sitting more than the baby. (Where were those jobs when I was fifteen?) At no time did Thompson force the boy into the sex act, and the boy wasn't complaining. But the former Mr. Thompson was. He ratted out his wife and now she's charged with statutory rape.

I keep reminding all you luscious, sexy women, that we mere men cannot resist your charms. It is incumbent on you to take steps to prevent us from gazing on you wonderful bodies. Start wearing a Burka! Please. For your own protection.



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