Thursday, July 26, 2007

Two sexist, teen boys in McMinnville, OR, are about to be labeled sex offenders for life for slapping a couple of girls' butts. Not for saying, "Who put this pubic hair on my coke?" or "That blouse looks great on you, Louise." You know, the standard forms of sexual harassment. Apparently, they were running around slapping everyone on the butt, and, possibly fearing charges of gender bias or "Old Boy Network-ism" (you know, the things that have closed men's clubs, men's colleges, and opened the Boy Scouts up to women--but have allowed women to keep women's clubs, women's colleges, and other all women activites closed to men) included a couple of girls.

If only the girls had been teachers! Then there would have been sex and the boys victims.

Hello, Zero Tolerance! Goodbye, Rationality.



Blogger Unknown said...

So VERY right you are!

We witness such incredible stupidity every day!

11:53 AM  

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