Tuesday, July 17, 2007

I don't often do this: comment on local politics and events. But some things have been gnawing at me. Today I will address one issue, and tomorrow another. If you live in Fredericksburg, Texas, I can guarantee you won't like my opinion!

The City Council is considering a ban of "Formula Businesses" (read: "Chain Stores") on Main Street in the historic district. Opponents are concerned that Fredericksburg's charm will be irreparably harmed if a freakin' Starbuck's comes town.

I know people who oppose a Starbucks in Fredericksburg but will willingly drive to San Antonio or Austin to go to Starbucks, bypassing the local coffee shops.

I know people who don't want an Office Max or Staples to come to town but who wouldn't support the local office supply store because they were "too expensive," and will willingly drive to Kerrville, San Antonio or Austin to buy office supplies at "formula stores".

Our local office supply store? It closed last year because not enough Fredericksburg offices would buy their supplies there.

Hey! Fredericksburg business owner! If you don't want a "formula store" in Fredericksburg, quit shopping at them in other towns to save a few bucks and support local businesses!

Oops! Too late! They're already gone. There are tourist shops on Main Street. But there's nothing there to interest me. Someone told me "We don't want a Hooters on Main Street." I said, "Speak for yourself! I'd love a Hooters!"

Hey! While you're in Austin or San Antonio buying stuff for your store, could you get me a mocha latte at Starbucks and a sweet iced tea at Bill Miller? The local stuff is too expensive.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree with your points. I will be driving through town tomorrow and will wave if I see you in the window at Starbucks.

Truly, "formula stores" would tarnish the village image of Fredericksburg and might damage the tourism business. Good or bad? Dunno.

9:27 PM  
Blogger hiikeeba said...

When I was growing up, you were either a San Antonio kid or an Austin kid: That's where your family went to go shopping. Not replace-a-pair-of-jeans shopping, but back-to-school shopping, ignoring the local department stores and going instead to JC Penney's or Montgomery Ward. Seems to me that if most people go to JC Penney, then there is a need for a JC Penney.

Problem is, these formula stores aren't targeting the locals. They already know we shop in San Antonio or Austin. They will be targeting the tourists.

7:04 AM  

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