Thursday, July 19, 2007

Wind turbine power companies are leasing land from area landowners to put up wind farms. Naturally, this has cause a massive flare up of NIMBY. "Birds will fly into the blades," shriek the environmentalists. "They fly into my sliding glass door," I counter. "Do I have to take it out?" "The EMF fields are unhealthy," exclaim the tin foil hatters. "The tourists won't like," cry the business owners.

Last week, a woman from Abilene wrote a letter to the editor telling us to fight to keep the windmills out. She lives in Abilene, she wrote, and these hideous things are everywhere.

Then fucking move. Don't stick your nose into our business because you don't like something about your home town. Fight to get them taken down, or move!

If half of what they say about Global Warming is true, and I have my doubts, we need to find other ways to generate electricity to power our computers, TVs and cell phones.

But, then again, I forget this is where the Hummer driving Houstonians retire to.



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i found your title very amusing, just wanted to comment and say nice job !

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