Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Berlin's funky Kreuzberg neighborhood teems with diverse places to eat. It has Chinese and Thai, a laid-back cafe with old sofas and dark German beer, and an Italian coffee bar with artisan-roasted beans and organic provolone.

But they don't want a McDonalds. Here's the story. Sounds like the Germans in Fredericksburg. Even though Berlin already has 40, count them, McDonalds restaurants, "Kreuzberg is a very alternative neighborhood," said Philipp Raschdorff, a spokesman for the group. "That's what distinguishes the area."

Kreuzberg, which stood in the shadow of the Berlin Wall until it came down in 1989, for years attracted Turkish immigrants, squatters and leftists. Organic grocers and twentysomethings in dreadlocks and sandals still coexist with Turkish kebab stands and immigrant women in headscarves pushing baby carriages.

Apparently Kreusberg isn't as tolerant as they like to pretend.



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