Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Democrats control the Congress. No Republican bill can get passed without their approval. That's what the Left was telling us, anyway, when the Democrats took back control of the Congress. The war in Iraq would be over. The patriot Act would be curtailed. And there would be no more warrantless wiretaps.

The Left has just received a lesson in modern politics. Democrats just passed Bush's expanded wiretap bill.

Here's the lesson: No matter who you vote for, the results are the same. Oil companies contribute money to both parties. More to the party in power. Same with Telecoms, drug companies. . . You name it. That means that whoever gets in power will do what the moneymen say.

Why did LBJ become president? Because Kennedy was impressed with Johnson's stance on race or poverty? No. Because Johnson's ability to get huge amounts of cash to Congressmen made him powerful. Kennedy wanted some of that money and named LBJ Veep. It's all about money.

We would like to believe that we make the laws by electing representatives. All we decide is who the lobbyists are going to pay. Basically, we're millionaire makers.



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