Tuesday, February 20, 2007

When did Paris Hilton's mood become news? Here's the actual headline from an AP story: "Paris Hilton Looks Bored at Vienna Ball."

Who cares if she "stifled yawns?" Maybe she was up late filming a new sex tape.

And I am sick of hearing about Anna Nicole Smith. I was sick of her before she died. Now every newscast and every news website has a lead story in the ongoing circus that is her demise. I am not the father of her baby (a shorter list to be on, I imagine), so I don't care who is. If real life were like TV, Stern the lawyer would have killed her son (They found methadone in the house in the Bahamas. One of the drugs "accidentally combined" in the son's system.), and somehow killed Anna Nicole so he could get the Marshall inheritance through his infant daughter.

And why are we watching Britney's meltdown with such glee? If the neighbor was doing that we'd have social services take the kids!

Let's let ET have the Anna Nicole news, and ABC can cover the important stuff, okay? NBC and CBS can continue to make up their news stories.



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