Friday, February 16, 2007

It is an unwritten rule that I thought everyone knew: Police officers aren't required to obey the law.

A couple in Kennesaw, Georgia put up a radar gun and some video cameras on their property at the bottom of a hill. They are concerned the people speeding down the hill might endanger their son. They caught Kennesaw police officer Richard Perrone driving a whopping 17 miles above the limit! The homeowner contacted the police department. The police department contacted the homeowners and told them Perrone was pressing stalking charges against them.

Remember, people: Police officers carry guns. If they want to drive twenty miles over the speed limit, they can. If they want to park illegally, they can. They are armed!

There is a bill before the Texas legislature that will exempt any emergency vehicles, whether responding to a call or not, from tolls on toll highways. That means if a police officer is heading home after work in his cruiser, he doesn't have to pay tolls. Why? Gun, of course!

But it would be cool if Perrone wins his case. Then I could press charges against any store with security cameras for stalking. And imagine the fun you could have at a casino without security cameras!

Oops. I forgot. Only people with guns will be able to press those charges. They're exempt.



Blogger Dustin said...

Stalking charges? Unbelievable. I guess you just don't fight the man...or people with guns. ;-)

12:57 PM  

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