Monday, February 12, 2007

I have been watching the Left fall all over itself singing the praises of Barack Obama for President. Then they moan that he would be a perfect candidate "if only he didn't smoke." Apparently, smoking causes you to be conservative, or something, and that makes him unqualified.

Apparently, Obama has been reading the opinion polls, because he's quitting. Mind you, he's not quitting because his wife's been nagging him to give it up. He's quitting so he can be President.

I'm sorry, but if the only reason you can't support Obama is because he smokes, you don't have a strong commitment to anything. Getting bjs from interns under the desk? That's okay. Make money in a questionable real estate venture? No problem! Make unprecedented profits in the futures market? Saintly behavior. Claim a $10 charitble donation for used underwear on your taxes? Everyone does that. Throw your military decorations over a wall at a anti-war rally in the 70s, then run on your war record a couple of decades later? Not worth mentioning. But smoke a fucking cigarette? That's the kiss of fucking death! If he smokes, he's scum!

So here's how I imagine the application process. "Pro-choice? Check! For Affirmative Action? Check! Against the Iraq War? Check! For higher taxes? Check! Higher minimum wage? Check! Person of color? Bonus points! Oh! You're a smoker. Too bad. Next candidate!"

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