Saturday, February 10, 2007

I have a second hand Dell laptop that I use for travelling and lounging around the house. The other morning, I set the laptop on the dining table, pressed the power button and went to get coffee. When I got back, nothing. So I pressed the power button again. Same thing. Great! I think., Now I need a new laptop! (Actually, there may have been cursing involved. My memory is a bit fuzzy.

Our office uses Computer Service Center in Kerrville to maintain our office computers, so I gave Tim a buzz. Tim said he didn't work on laptops, but he had used BJ Associates in San Antonio, and he recommended them.

I contact Dave at BJ Associates who sends the me the necessary shipping forms. I pack up the laptop and send it off. A few days later, they contact me and tell me that I need new memory. They replace and ship it back to me via FedEx.

So if you are in South Texas or the Hill Country and you have laptop problems, give BJ Associates and shout. I was extremely happy with their service.

And no, they did not pay me to say that.



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