Monday, February 19, 2007

The Violence on TV people are rumbling up on Capitol Hill again. It seems that Bill Clinton (the bestest President ever, with the Internet inventing Veep) didn't fix anything with the V-chip. That's the device that censors what you see so you don't have to pay attention to your kids. Set the chip, park 'em in front of the tube,and live your life! Their fragile little minds are protected! Well, apparently not.

Apparently, even your fragile little mind is vulnerable. I mean the V-chip protects kids, so they shouldn't be seeing anything harmful. So why else would the FCC want Congress to pass a law to ban violent programming at an hour when children could be watching?

There are some concerns, though. Will this violence ban cover sports? When a fight breaks out at a hockey game, will the network have to go to black? Will the ban on violence apply to daytime dramas, which have storylines about rapes, beatings, and murder? Will the government finally get the news coverage of the war in Iraq off the air?

I don't want the government deciding what I can and can't watch. I don't want them deciding what is best for me. I pay the cable bill. I want to watch what I want to watch. Now, if they're going to pay the cable bill. . .

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