Monday, August 14, 2006

I don't know why everyone got so worked up over the disrupted terror plot in England. It was in England. Not here. Hell, we even found all those Egyptian students who went missing.

But I wasn't worried. The Minutemen and National Guard were patrolling the Mexican Border. Those two organizations are keeping the Hispanic terrorists out of our Great White Country! Once we have the Hispanics in line, the Arabs will see we don't tolerate anything from people with brown skin amd give up. Then America will be White again!


The reason I say that the Minutemen are their to protect the country from Hispanic terrorists and not to protect American jobs,a recent study has determined that increases in illegal immigration has no--let me repeat that with emphasis--NO impact on American unemployment nationwide. In fact, states with big immigration were as likely to have low unemployment rates and states with low immigration.

The only caveat is that employment for less-educated natives has declined, and their wages have declined because of competition with illegal immigrants. The solution? Make kids stay in school. Ha! Just kidding! Let them drop out! We'll seal the border!



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