Thursday, August 03, 2006

Capitalism at Work!

A recent news article in the Indy Star reports that the Indiana Attorney General is going to investigate price gouging by oil companies in the state. He has noticed that as gas prices have gone up 30%, oil company profits have gove up 30%.

This is supply and demand at work, folks. They got the supply, and we got the demand, so they set the price and we either pay or the Hummer sits in the driveway. Since Amerikans don't like mass transit, we pay!

We don't get upset when McDonalds announces record profits after a price hike. Gas is not a necessity of living. I have heard that there are people in New York who have never driven a car! A gas guzzling SUV is not a necissity of living. We could have been buying fuel efficient cars that get 25 mpg, but no! We wanted big fiberglass behemoths that would make us look like we're manly men when we only buy tofu! (Here's a link to Hummer's site. Once you enter, select Hummer World and choose TV commercials from the drop down menu to see how Hummer enhances you manhood.)

I have complained about Exxon's $9 billion in profits last year. But the truth of the matter is, we have no reason to complain. This is how our capitalist economy is supposed to work. If something becomes popular, the price of it goes up.

Besides, printer ink costs more per gallon than gas.


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