Saturday, July 29, 2006

Break out the burkas!

The World Health Organization, who once released a study that said there was no direct evidence between environmental tobacco smoke and cancer with a press release touting the link between ETS and cancer, has released a new study that says as many as 60,000 people a year are killed by the sun. Compare that to the 3000 people a year who die from ETS caused lung cancer each year.

If you visit the CDC site, you'll see this sentence: ". . .premature deaths from smoking rob more than five million years from the potential lifespan of those who have died." The CDC now knows how long we will live! Why isn't the media reporting this? The CDC has to know how long a person will live to calculate how much of their life was robbed from them, don't they? Or could they be pulling the statistics out of their ass?

Anyway, as soon as we ban tobacco and alcohol, look for the "protect you from dangerous things" crowd to start work on making us work at night and stay indoors all day. You know. Like the teenagers these days and their danged vid-yah games.



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