Tuesday, July 11, 2006

An Open Letter to Microsoft

Dear Whoever is in charge today:

This morning at work, while doing the auditing required before we open, I had to install your WGA update. Despite being notified that I could "continue to work while Windows updates" my work was interrupted by a notice telling me the update was almost finished and that had to reboot to complete the update. It asked if I wanted to do it now or do it later. Since I was in the middle of the morning paper work, I chose "Restart Later." Three minutes later, I was asked again. I chose "later." Three minutes later, I was asked again. I was asked repeatedly, interrupting my work each time until I finally, in exasperation said, "Okay! Okay! I'll restart!"

Why tell me I can continue to work if you are going to force me to stop?

And just what did I download? Your Windows Geniuine Advantage! Not only did I have to Authenticate my software when I first booted my computer (or I wouldn't be able run Windows more than 15 days), now I have to do it every single time you cram an update down my throat? Do you think that after I authenticated my software I installed a pirated copy? Not bloody likely at $200 for the OS.

Do we get patches for holes in your software? Fuck no! We get anti-piracy software, instead. The holes go unpatched for months at a time. Do you fix the exploits in IE that allows sites to install malware on my machine without permission? Why would you want to do that when so many people have pirated software?

So I just wanted to let you know why I won't be installing the Vista Beta I downloaded, and why, when you stop supporting XP, I will be switching to Linux. Despite the fact that I have, in good faith, purchased software from you, authenticated it so that I can run it more than 30 days, you still insist that I am a software pirate, and need to be checked up on. I'm am tired of being treated with suspicion by your company, and will no longer do business with you on my personal machines.




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