Saturday, July 08, 2006

While the Minutemen patrol the border to keep people with brown skin out of the country, the rest of us flocked to movie theatres to see the story of a white illegal alien. Superman, you see, doesn't have a green card. He snuck into the country. He never applied for citizenship. His parents falsified documents to make it seem like he is an American. Then he goes to Metropolis and becomes a superhero. AND, he also works as a reporter! He took two jobs that Americans could have had! If the Congress makes being an illegal alien a felony, that will make Superman a criminal. Lex Luthor may be evil, but at least he's in the country legally! Sounds like the plot for the next flick is set. I do expect a story credit, though.

Which brings up a gripe. While reading the reviews, I kept running across the phrase "gay director/autuer Bryan Singer." Personally, I didn't know he's is gay and, frankly, don't care. He is a talented director, and I was thrilled when I heard he would be doing the Superman movie. Putting "gay" in front of his name makes him sound less talented, or handicapped in some way. "We have directors over here, and gay directors over there." It just seems to drive a wedge between the gay community and the rest of society and sounds like tokenism. How about we call him a "director" and forget about how he orgasms?


Blogger Clarissa said...

Because we might forget that he's gay and then fall prey to deviant seduction. He likely includes all sorts of subliminal messages in his movies. You've got to always be looking over your shoulder for those gays who sneak up on you. Oh, and the brown people too.

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