Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Have you seen the new Hummer commercials? They are classic!

In the first one I saw, a woman and her child are waiting in line for a piece of playground equipment, when some kid cuts in line while their bitch of a mother watches. "Excuse me," wimpy mom says, "but my little angel was next." "Yes," the evil bitch says, "She was. She's still next." Or words to that effect.

Wimpy mom rushes off to buy a Hummer. Apparently, she's gonna run over the bitch and her kid.

In the second commercial, a weak, pasty guy has put his tofu and vegetables on the conveyor belt at the checkout stand. A guy behind him puts the plastic divider bar down and loads the belt up behind it with meats. Weak, pasty guy rushes off to buy a Hummer. Apparently, a Hummer is the perfect tofu delivery device.

What's the subtext of the commercials?

Buying a Hummer gives you balls.

That will show that little tramp who cut in line at the playground!


Blogger Clarissa said...

I haven't seen the commercials. They sound funny. But I'm afraid the idea of a hummer puts me in a state of apoplexy. I'm such a bitch.

10:38 AM  

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