Thursday, August 16, 2007

Fortress AmeriKKKa - Day 457

One of the arguments in favor of the border fence is that Meskin criminals are coming over in hordes to rape, steal from and kill members of the Chosen Race. Pro-Wallers quickly cite cases where a Beaner harmed a white person, because they're the only ones who count.

What the Pro-Wallers forget is that the United States has more of its citizens behind bars, as a percentage of population, than China does. You know China. That country with horrible Human Rights policies.

El Paso State Senator Eliot Shapleigh recently noted that 10% of his constituents have warrants for their arrest. And we're not talking illegals here, folks. We're talking members of the Chosen Race as well. Seventy-eight thousand El Pasoans are wanted--almost all for traffic violations. He noted that in Austin, 11% of the populace is wanted. "In 2003, on the House floor, Rep. Diane Delisi told Texans that the 'Driver Responsibility' bill was needed 'to improve driver’s behavior.' Everyone in Austin knew that the real story was money. After 9/11, Texans quit buying. Sales tax revenues dropped so much that Texas now had a $10 billion budget deficit. Rather than raise taxes, Republicans cut taxes on the wealthiest Texans, cut programs like CHIP, then shifted fees, tuition and tickets to low and middle income Texans," Shapleigh wrote.

In Virginia, which passed a similar law this year, a woman in labor was caught speeding to the hospital and ordered to pay the $100 fine, and the newly enacted civil fee of $1050. The judge was sympathetic, but, he said the law is the law. Jessica Hodges, member of the Chosen Race, paid the fine with an infant in her arms. She's a criminal, just like the Beaners are!

Why are we arresting so many of the Chosen Race for stupid things? Money! As prisons are being privatized, there's a lot of money to be made running prisons. How do you fill prisons? Make more things illegal. It's known as the Prison-Industrial Complex. There's money for cities in fines and civil penalties. That's why we're getting cameras at stop lights in Austin. And why local law enforcement will be able to use DoD Spy satellites to monitor our movements.

Maybe the Border Fence isn't for the filthy Beaners ("Many mexicans [sic] don't believe in bathing or washing their hands," wrote Pro-Waller Jose in a comment on the Dilbert Blog.) after all. Maybe it's to keep the criminals, and the fine payeres, in.



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