Saturday, April 14, 2007

Good News for Female Pedophiles!

Now Toronto Magazine has reported that women sleeping with minors is a good thing! The law, they argue, "assumes that mature teens are necessarily traumatized by sex with adults [and] also fails to differentiate between sex based on consent and sex based on coercion and the flagrant abuse of professional power." In the specific case discussed in the article, the "victim" never filed a complaint. The police did all the charge filing.

The article concludes, "But besides a Criminal Code that refuses to recognize developmentally mature older teenagers as having sexual agency and the capacity to consent, there is the problem of gender bias in the way the press sensationalizes alleged infractions by female educators. Maybe the prurient news coverage says less about child sexual abuse than it does about our willingness to see female teachers as sexy, savvy and available for adult fantasies?"

(Apparently, women buying into the fantasy of males being at their sexual peak at the age of 18 doesn't enter into the picture at all . . .)

In that light, from this moment forward, Life in the Banana Patch will celebrate December/May (or February or April) relationships, congratulating the minor on schtupping an adult of any sex, and awards to the adult for the greatest age difference. We will actively encourage the loitering near school campuses with the intent to solicit the sexual favors of one of "mature teens", and ask that our readers post comments detailing their experiences with people older or younger than themselves. Maybe Now Toronto Magazine could provide a prize for the "Best Bagging of a 16 year-old." We can even name it the Pete Townsend Award for Teen Erotica. Post your stories of teen conquest in comments today! Let us celebrate the union between teen and adult!

"Thank heaven, for leetle girls," as a famous Frenchman once sang.



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