Thursday, April 12, 2007

Well, since no one is being outraged by women sexually preying on our children, this will be the last call for Christian Burkas. Oh, I'll keep telling you about it. But we will instead, celebrate the act of pedophilia by applauding the student who gets laid, and calling for the immediate release of the accused. In the same breath we will call for the legalization of Child Pornography so that the women may post pictures of their sexual conquests.

On with the last Burka Call: Twenty-eight-year-old Silverado Middle School teacher Christine Spaich was arrested for having sex with the 16-year-old male several times over the last six months. The boy was a former student at the middle school.

As a preview of the next post on this topic, I will invoke NORML logic: There are no studies that having sex with an older person is harmful. It's not like she murdered anyone. It's an insignificant crime, so we should legalize it, rather than clog our jails with these offenders. We should make more room for murderers.

And to the 16 year old boy: You da man! She's hot, dude. Make with the details!



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