Friday, April 06, 2007

Cosimo Cavallaro created a 6 foot tall chocolate sculpture of Jebus on the Cross, and the Fundies are mad! Can you believe it? (Even the hot Asian chick on Fox is pissed! She wondered why CNN wouldn't run a story on the Mohammed cartoons but would run a story about a chocolate Jesus. Duh! Can you say IED? CNN knows that Muslims will use them and Christians won't, unless it's an abortion clinic.)

They don't have a problem with a chocolate rabbit stealing everyone's attention from the Lord. They don't have a problem with multinational corporations making millions of dollars in celebration of when He was risen from the dead. They don't have a problem with a clucking rabbit becoming the symbol of a religious holiday. But they get pissed when someone sculpts Jebus out of chocolate.

It's time for the Religious Right to walk the walk instead of just talking the talk. They need to demand that candy companies stop selling candy for Easter, or at least donate all their profits to charity. They should boycott any event that showcases a rabbit or a colored egg. They should put the Christ back in Easter. Well, that doesn't ring quite as well as Christ back in Christmas, but you get my point.

Does anyone else remember when the Christian church used to be the inspiration for art? Now it just seems to be the inspiration for outrage.



Blogger Nick Payne said...

I suspect that is the point the artist was making... that we trivialise Christ's sacrifice and that if people thought for a moment about what he'd undergone for us, maybe they would actually recognise him for who he is instead of substituting him for chocolate. I wrote about this same story on my blog, using the title "Choc Horror?"

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