Wednesday, March 28, 2007

My two month long experiment with Ubuntu is producing some results, though not quite what I'd hoped.

Overall, it's been enjoyable except for four problems:

1. My scanner doesn't work. Even though Xsane supports my particular scanner, everytime I try to use the program it starts, then closes, leaving me looking at the desktop.

2. Gnomad crashes everytime I try to open or create a playlist. I never get the chance to try to save it to my MP3 player.

3. In a related note, if I try to create a bug report about these two problems, and try to upload the error log, my cable connection falls to a trickle, and Firefox displays a "Cannot connect to Server" message.

and 4. I use Photoshop to finish my comic art pages. While Gimp is a good program, it does not do thing that Photoshop does. I haven't tried to install WINE, so I haven't tried that. But based on my Gnomad and Xsane experiences, I am not sure how well it will work.

I'm not about to give up the ghost just yet, though. I'm not planning to upgrade to Vista, so I will have to make the switch eventually. Maybe Feisty Fawn will fix some of the problems I'm having.

I have a second hand laptop that I would like to switch over, but Ubuntu doesn't like my WiFi card. It sees it. It can tell me who made it. But for some reason, Ubuntu doesn't power up the slot it goes into.

C'mon Feisty!



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