Monday, March 26, 2007

Fortress Amerikkka - Day 313!

A bill to make English Idaho's official language passed the legislature last week and Governor Butch Otter has said he will sign it. The bill will require that official government business will be done in English, except for education, public health and public safety.

Um, excuse me. Isn't education, public health and public safety pretty much what state governments do? So when exactly will they be speaking English? In the legislature? They do that now.

This is perfect legislation for the Minutemen and English Firsters. It makes them feel good and doesn't do anything else. That'll teach them Meskins. They won't be able to listen to the debate on the laws that affect them, but we'll explain it to them when it passes.

"My parents made the same commitment that this bill states," said Representative John Vander Woude, whose parents emigrated from Holland to the U.S. "We are not trying to bar foreign languages from the classroom or from the home."

Then what is the point of the bill? To make everyone speak English, except in school, at the hospital and the police station? Police conducting a traffic stop will be able to speak Elbonian, but the poor Elbonian won't be able to speak it when he gets his license?

C'mon, Idaho, Be Brave! Ban the use of all languages except English in any government funded setting!

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